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Mary Buck is the owner and instructor for Studio 2.8 Lightscapes Learning Center. Mary started her photography journey when she was just 18 years old. She was inspired by her brother Brad, who was already working as a photographer. She worked the corporate life until 1997 when she decided to open up a portrait studio in Duluth, Georgia called Lightscapes Photographic Artwork .

In 2003, she started to teach photography classes to just a handful of film photographers. Fourteen years later, she has taught over 1,000 students in various levels of photography classes – from beginner to advanced including workshops on lighting, Photoshop and Still Lifes. She teaches photography classes in person at her Studio 2.8 Lightscapes Learning Center in Duluth. In 2017 she began Destination Photography Workshops.

Mary is a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America and was recently awarded the PPA Craftsman Degree. Her photographs have been published in many well known publications such as Woman’s Day, Forbes and Landscape Magazine. She continues to operate her photography studio as well as teach classes.  She teaches online and at her studio in Duluth, GA.   Her website is filled with free DSLR photography tips and many online courses. She also has a YouTube Channel for Studio 2.8 which provides instructional videos on how to use camera menu settings and much more.

Mary Buck is photographer and educator in the field of photography. She is a portrait photographer and owner of Lightscapes Photographic Artwork in Duluth, Ga. She is also an instructor with Studio 2.8 - Lightscapes Photography Learning Center.

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