Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams Bio:

Vanessa Bio:

15 Years of Photography, 9 Years of weddings, 5 Years of Business Ownership

(Not to mention 5 College Degrees)

In her three short years in business, Vanessa has had her work featured in over 20 magazines, including three cover photos and features in PDN and Rangefinder. She just accepted her first Grand Imaging Award from PPA and won 2nd place in WPPI's online print competition. She brought her business from 0 to 14 weddings in her first year (not including 2nd shooting gigs) and now runs one of the most successful wedding photography studios in NJ shooting 35 weddings a year, while speaking across the country at venues such as WPPI, Imaging USA, PPA related conventions and personal workshops. Recognized for her talent and more so her business sense, her clients love working with her and industry peers love to learn from her generous, informative and open-book style of teaching. 

Rob Bio:

Rob Adams began his video career in television over 15 years ago. Four years after that he merged into the wedding industry and eventually started his own business in 2006. His business has grown rapidly over the past three years and his passion for finding new creative ventures in the field has as well. Recently, Rob filmed and directed his first full-length feature film that was premiered at Robert DeNiro's personal screening room in New York City.

Rob's main goal while teaching is to teach other wedding film-makers how to bring their work to the next level.  He wants to see each and every one of you learn about the little things that make your filming and editing go from "good" to "the best in your market."

From correctly white-balancing in camera to create mood, to color-grading in the edit...from blocking your cameras to capture the best action to multi-camming in Final Cut, it's all about the details.   If you have the motivation and the eye, Rob can give you the rest of the tools. 

Husband and wife team from New Jersey combing the visual arts of Cinema and Photography and teaching it around the world at venues such as WPPI, Imaging USA, PPA related conventions and personal workshops.

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