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Basic Digital Camera WorkShops

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This workshop is like no other that is out there. I offer real world information YOU can use immediately to increase your photography skills. It is intensive….no sitting around, no wasted time, we start shooting immediately.  I have a lot of information to get into your head and hands. I won’t waste your time with any frills.
We aren’t interested in auto settings, or sticking a flash on your camera and start clicking away. You will learn how to get off auto setting and move to fully manual. 
I believe the best way to teach someone is to tell them, show them and then have them do it ! – That is my approach. Sure we will talk about it, and what it means to your photographs BUT, We will NOT sit around and talk about the technical side of photography, if that’s what you’re after, go read a book!  We are hands on, take a shot, and change a setting, take shot, and change a setting….then we will analyze and compare the shots.  By shooting this way, you learn a couple things… to move thru the menus of YOUR camera, and what happens when you change those settings. 
My goal is to teach you the basics and move you up a couple of levels.  Will I be able to make you a great photographer after one workshop? NO probably not and anyone who promises that is simply not telling the truth. I will show you how to work with your camera to get the results you want.


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Salt Lake City, UT
Wheeler Farm

Salt Lake City, UT 84107
United States
May 19, 2012 9AM - 11AM

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