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Wednesday, June 27 2012

Instructor Spotlight: Mike Moreland

This week on our Instructor Spotlight, we are featuring Mike Moreland. Moreland spent 15 years as a commercial photographer, specializing in architecture, fashion and advertising. He then took that experience into the Wedding and Portrait field. Moreland graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. His work has been published hundreds of times in national magazines and books and most recently, his achievements were profiled in Rangefinder Magazine as one of the top wedding photographers in the country. The Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants awarded Moreland the “Professionals’ Choice Award Atlanta ”. This was a highlight for Moreland among the numerous local, national and international photography competition awards that he has received during his career. Moreland is not only a weddings and portrait photographer, but he also teaches workshops. We asked Moreland a few questions.

Given your 25 years of photography experience, what the one piece of advice you'd give out to a beginner in our industry?

You have to follow your heart and have passion for your photography and through your passion develop a style.  Often the difference between good photographers and great photographers is their passion! It is not just about having the best equipment, using the right lens for the shot or having a great exposure.  Does your image speak to people when they look at it?  Do not let the technical part overwhelm you and cloud your creativity, do not be another photographer with a camera.....create art with your camera.  You have to work an image and explore it and do not settle for your initial instinct.  There is a great photographer named Pete Turner that is in his late 70’s now, but he is the master of color, composition and design.  Most of his masterpieces were taken on film before digital and Photoshop and he had a saying back in the film days “if it is worth shooting it is worth 5 rolls”, this means if you see a shot do not only shoot your first impression that caught your eye but work the shot.  Shoot it with every lens and every angle, explore the shot and try everything you can, think outside of the box and you know what?  You probably will come away with a much better image then your first impression,  this is how you separate yourself from all of the other photographers?  Have passion and do not just copy what everybody else is doing.



Whatis the one workshop that is valuable for photographers to take that you teach? 


I have a variety of workshops to choose from because I wanted workshops that were more specialized toward different areas of photography and different levels of experience. However the number one most important part for me is being a creative photographer so all of theworkshops are hands on shooting with models.  All of our models are signing model releases so everybody that comes to our workshop not only learns a ton and have a great time shooting but they can use the images they shoot in their portfolio, website, blog, Facebook etc.  Yes the technical part is important but I want everybody to challenge themselves to create images like they never have before. For beginner photographer it is best to take the Intro to Photography Workshop first because it will give you a foundation and teaches them how to understand all of the settings on their camera, understanding lenses, composition and lighting.  Each workshop will build upon itself and all of the workshops are very different and we find cool locations, great models and have a great time.  So if I was going to choose one workshop to take for experienced photographers then I would highly recommend the location lighting workshop.  Lighting is so important and so many photographers do not understand this, too many photographers think getting a properly exposed images is good lighting.  At this workshop we work on creating great lighting with available light, using off camera lighting, using multiple lights, using studio lighting outdoors, and video lighting. Everybody will be amazed at the images they get from this workshop and will understand how important lighting is to an image, we will show how to make very dramatic skies with off camera lighting, how to shoot at dusk with tungsten white balance and use a video light but also how to get beautiful lighting with all available light.  My second most recommended workshop would be to get in touch with us to create a private one on one workshop which we can customize to anything you want to learn. 



From all the different sort of photography you shoot, what is your favorite?

Yes at first glance someone may think I shoot all different types of photography when you see my multiple websites.  You may say that you thought someone has to specialize in one specific type of photography, I specialize in photographing people regardless if they are in a white dress, in urban clothes or if it is a fashion shoot for magazine.  I love capturing moments and who they are and telling a story about them so to me it is important to tell their story this is why I like doing books for clients and most of my clients want us to shoot for a book. Even if it is a single portrait shoot many times my client will have us design a book for them. So it is important to find out about your client so you can tell their story, about a year ago I had a man call me and told me he wanted to set up a photo shoot so I could do a portrait of his wife because they were about to celebrate their 50thanniversary.  He told me over the phone that he wanted a black and white portrait of his wife in the studio with a black background with his wife looking off like she is looking into the future.  Well this sounded pretty boring to me and not exactly my style, so I told him I wanted to talk to his wife, then I found out that she was from Texas and had boots and a cowboy hat and she loved being outdoors so when they came to the shoot I did do his studio shot he wanted, but then I took his wife outdoors and photographed who she really was and I got him into some of the shots and in the end they had me design a very large coffee table book and they ordered four copies so they could have one and give one to each of their children.  Yes photographing people is my passion however I do have a wide range of photography experience that shapes who I am, but this experience also allows me to teach on many levels because for 15 years I shot for most all of the top national interior and architectural magazines, photographed annual reports and commercial advertising assignments so I bring my commercial advertising techniques and combine it with my creative eye.


You can check out Mike Moreland's website at, his commercial website at or his workshop website is at

Moreland's workshops can also be found at Fisheye Connect

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Wednesday, June 20 2012

New Categories, Search Page, and Instructors Page

Updates, Updates, Updates! Two new categories have been added to search for photography workshops or events: Basic and Pet Photography. Basics will be applied to any workshops or classes that explains basic photography principles such as understanding of lighting or camera knowledge. Pet photography is self explanatory. Can't explain to much on that one. :)

We have also updated our SEARCH PAGE to make it cleaner and easier to get to your final destination. It's still easy to search by location, instructor/company, and or categories. 


We started Fisheye as nothing more that as directory to find workshops. But over the course of the years instructors kept demanding more tools. Fisheye is now a full marketing and management software for instructors. We were not able to go over all new features on the new page, but our NEW INSTRUCTORS PAGE will hopefully answer a lot of questions for instructors looking to teach or expand their marketing network. 

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Thursday, June 14 2012

Vendor Spotlight: ShootDotEdit

Article by Jared Bauman, President/Co-Founder ShootDotEdit, Southern California Wedding Photographer

When Garrett and I first created ShootDotEdit over 5 years ago, it was to solve a problem.  Neither of us could keep up with our editing.  It wasn't that we didn't like editing (well, ok, we didn't love it either).  We had noticed that we weren't tending to essential areas of our business because we were editing.  Coffee with coordinators, sales sessions with clients, even time with family and friends - all of it was suffering.  So we made a business decision to hire, train, and trust a specialist with our post production.

Fast forward five-plus years later to today.  As the industry's First Choice post processing partner, we now have the opportunity to continue helping photographer's with their business.  Our 25 City "Pr
icing, Process, and Profit" Workshop Tour was created to help wedding photographer's with all of the complicated ins and outs of running a business.  I'll be sharing on how to set up simple and effective packages, created for increased bookings and natural upsell.  Leeann Marie, a Pittsburgh-based wedding photographer and business consultant, will be speaking on optimizing your business workflow, and she'll be sharing tips on efficiency, automation, and communication strategy.  And, each city will feature a Professional Wedding Photographer whom has proven successful in the area of "Profiting as a business" - he/she will speak about Profiting in that specific market as a Wedding Pro. 

I think my favorite part of the whole thing is that the Workshop is FREE.  Yep.... totally free.  Thanks to a group of wonderful Sponsor Companies, like Fisheye Connect, ShootDotEdit is able to host these all over the country for free.  Let's face it - we all win when you have a successful business :)

For more information on the workshop tour, and to sign up to secure your seat, visit:

ShootDotEdit can also be found on Fisheye Connect.

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Tuesday, June 05 2012

Vendor Spotlight: + Contest

What is

StickyAlbums lets you create branded photo-album apps for your client's mobile devices.  The albums are a great marketing tool: they’re like rep cards or brag books, but they’re always at hand and your clients won’t run out of them.

Why should photographers care?

Word-of-mouth referrals are probably our most valuable currency as pro-photographers.  Smart Phones and Tablets are the fastest growing consumer products we’ve ever seen, and they’re changing how we live and how we do business.  StickyAlbums gives you a way to leverage this mobile revolution into wow-factor referrals.

Even if you are just starting out, it doesn’t take long to figure out that not all customers are the same.  Some are always looking for something free - and don’t want to invest much. Then when you get lucky you get those great clients that just get it - they invest a ton of money with you and love that they did - and then tell the world about you. StickyAlbums helps you attract more customers like this. People who use iPhones and iPads have already demonstrated their affinity for premium/boutique products, this is the ideal target market.

How are other photographers incorporating StickyAlbums into their workflow and pricing?

#1 Word-of-Mouth marketing tool.

Many pro-members are going back and making a small album with 10 images for FREE - for each of their clients in the last year. This just gets people talking with their friends and family at a whole new level of engagement.

“Simple idea, hugely powerful. Your clients will freak out when you create an app for them.”
-Jonathan Payne Photography

Bonus Tip: Photographers are then also including an extra coupon or referral bonus advertisement IN THE APP - to really motivate their clients to share.  For exampe: “Show this album to us when you set up your session so that you AND the person who referred you will receive a special gift”

# 2 Premium Product or Incentive

Additionally, you can also sell a full stickyalbum with 30-40 images at a premium price a la carte or only as part of your premium print packages.

“We have increased our sales average by offering Sticky Albums as a bonus product when our client spends above our base package. This is our “hot product” for the 2012-2013 senior season. Thank you for creating such an easy to use and powerful product!”
-Ty & Shannon Fischer, Fischink Photography

And we are so excited about this product that we have the chance to give away two, count them TWO coupons for $100 off stickyalbums-Pro. Want to win? Tell us how StickyAlbums would change your business on our Facebook Fan page. Contest ends Thursday 8pm EST June 7th. And while you are at it, don't forget to sign up for awesome newly designed newsletter. All winners will be announced on Friday via our Facebook Fan page.

Can't wait for the contest to end to purchase StickyAlbums? Use the code below and get an exclusive deal for our Fisheye Connect blog readers:

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